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AVENUE ROSE/LET'S DANCE- Split 7" - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records


$ 6.50

AVENUE ROSE/LET'S DANCE- Split 7".  If you’re looking for a sincere band that plays punk-driven rock’n’roll, look no further than Avenue Rose.  No cheap gimmicks, no trendy clichés, just pure heart-filled punk rock!  For the past three years Avenue Rose had made the Pacific Northwest their home.  Though the members of the band are spread out from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR (and a few places in-between) the guys couldn’t be any closer.   They play classic sounding poppy punk with a strong foot hold in rock n roll.  Kinda Exploding Hearts, Soda Pop Kids, Prima Donna-ey with a bit of bar rock sleaze ala Thunders or Nikki Sudden.  Sadly the band is no longer as one of the members went on to play with the Cute Lepers and recently passed away from a drug over dose while on tour.  These songs are solid and they do show that he had a promising future.  Sad. Their side was recorded by Steve E Nix of the Briefs, Cute Lepers.  Backing Aveneu Rose are Alberta’s Let’s Dance.  These four delinquents bring an intense energy to your turntable.  Heavily influenced by late 70's punk and power-pop, the band writes fast energetic songs that force their audience to heed the bands namesake demand. Let’s Dance have played all throughout western Canada the Epoxies, the canadian Subhumans and the Tranzmitors, among others, and that should give you an idea of where they’re coming from.  7” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES ON STRIPEY YELLOW AND WHITE MARBLE WAX!!

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