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Needles//Pins- Shamebirds LP~KILLER! - Erste Theke Trontrager - Dead Beat Records

Needles//Pins- Shamebirds LP~KILLER!

$ 12.49

Needles//Pins- Shamebirds LP.  NEEDLES//PINS start where White Wires, Gentleman Jesse and Steve Adamyk Band leave off and take their really own incredible song writing to a whole new level. Vancouvers Needles//Pins churn out a fiery mix of Garage Rock attitude with Power Pop hooks. You can put them on right after you're through listening to Seve Adamyk Band or Mother's children and they’d fit right in nicely. Vocally I'm actually reminded a bit of John Reis from Rocket From The Crypt. The lead singer is a little gravely and a bit nasally, but still manages to carry remarkable melodies through each song that’s packed with a plethora of catchy Pop hooks. If you’re into any of the aformentioned bands or Canadian Power Pop bands like Teenage Head and Pointed Sticks, you’ll really dig this LP. Some very crafty song writing at work here. RECOMMENDED!

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