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NARCOPEPTIC YOUTH - 'Barbi In Bondage' 7" - Dr Strange - Dead Beat Records

NARCOPEPTIC YOUTH - 'Barbi In Bondage' 7"

$ 6.00

NARCOPEPTIC YOUTH - 'Barbi In Bondage' 7".  When I placed this single on my turntable and started it, I thought for sure this must be a reissue of some old punk single that eluded me in my youth. I thought wrong as Narcoleptic Youth formed around 1992, but it’s pretty apparent that they were raised on 1980’s punk rock.  Three of the four songs on here could easily fit in on any number of 1980s punk compilations and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between them and bands that actually were from that era.  If you live in Southern California you know NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH. If you don't you soon will. They've been headling gigs and sharing the stage with the likes of: The Adicts, Channel Three, D.I., TSOL etc.. for many years. This is a repress of their out of print self released 7'' w/an unreleased bonus song and is strictly ltd to 1000 COPIES.  500 COPIES ARE ON PURPLE WAX AND 500 ARE ON BLACK.  THESE COPIES ARE ON PINK WAX AND ARE HAND NUMBERED!!! 

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