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MUD CITY MANGLERS -'Heart Full Of Hate' CD - Stolen - Dead Beat Records

MUD CITY MANGLERS -'Heart Full Of Hate' CD

$ 11.50

MUD CITY MANGLERS -'Heart Full Of Hate' CD.  This is the sound of rock & roll at it’s optimum best. This three-piece from Pittsburgh, PA are fuelled from a steady diet of alcohol, white pills, sociopath behaviour and a honest disgust for just about every aspect of life.  John Holstrom editor of PUNK magazine says: The Manglers play a raw, blistering, p(i)ssed-off punk that's as insane as anything since the original Stooges. Anyone who lives on the east coast should check these guys out ASAP.   They rip live!!  Fans of stuff like Electric Frankenstein, The Hellacopters, Gluecifer and the Backyard Babies need to hear the Manglers!

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