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MT SIMS- ‘A Grave' LP - Mad At The World - Dead Beat Records

MT SIMS- ‘A Grave' LP

$ 11.00

MT SIMS- ‘A Grave' LP.  Known in part for his collaborations with the Hacker, David J of Bauhaus and CROSSOVER. The past year and a half has seen Matt relocate from LA to Berlin and and establish a new chapter in the Mount Sims legacy, rebuilding the band with Berlin musicians Randy Twigg and Andre Lange and working with producer Thomas Stern of the legendary Crime and the City Solution. "A Grave"  is the first offering of these new tracks and will be available as a limited LP on clear vinyl with stunning artwork by Peter Wu and pushes the band even farther into the creepier and more aggressive territory he's veered into, with a concoction of electronic music and stark post-punk he's become respected for.

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