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Motosierra- XXX LP - Incognito - Dead Beat Records

Motosierra- XXX LP

$ 12.99

Motosierra- XXX LP.  AAAAAUUUUUUU my ears hurt from the noise that's coming from the speakers!!  When you hear the opening chords of "Violator", all you want to do is put the volume to the max and go wild. This band is fucking great - they’re loaded with energy and anger and are really what and good high energy  band should sound!!!! I got this LP few days ago and already heard it 100 000 000 000.... times - it's brilliant. I don't know which songs are my favorites - maybe all of them!! Musically Motosierra sound like early Zeke or 1st Nashville Pussy LP, but more trashy and more punk.  And that’s a perfect combination. Songs are short, fast and catchy and the vocal are  fucking great. This isn’t the kind of band you write essays about, this is just pure and simple raw r'n'r that you really gotta hear.   Great album here.

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