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Motormouth Mabel- S/T 7"' - Tick Tock Records - Dead Beat Records

Motormouth Mabel- S/T 7"'

$ 5.49

Motormouth Mabel- S/T 7"'.  Motormouth Mabel are a four piece out of Charleston, NC. A-Side "Permanent Vacation" was recorded onto 8 track and 1/4" tape and the engineer definitely used some of his own cruddy techniques to make capturing the crudeness of the band his number one concern. Whatever they're doing it's coming on thick with the crunchy static and attitude of Buck Biloxi or Life Stinks in the basement under the basement. The vocals from CJ are bouncing off the walls but not peaking out, just right on the edge and perfect. They really get into the chaos with a wall of solo's that transitions into a slow drone with some introspective lyrics. Don't discount this as a drunken night, even if they did write that on the back of the grocery bag. Real dirty punk here from a band that's been at this for years and isn't losing it anytime soon. These are screen printed on the back of a piggly wiggly grocery bag which makes a nice touch. Recommended.

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