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Morrowyellow- My Colours 1985-1988 LP ~REISSUE! - Killed By Disco - Dead Beat Records

Morrowyellow- My Colours 1985-1988 LP ~REISSUE!

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Morrowyellow- My Colours 1985-1988 LP.  Founded in 1983 in the North-East town of Verona, after the split of the punk band Eva Brown, Morrowyellow is a collaboration between Mauro Marchesi (keyboards and electronics) and Joyello Triolo (vocals and guitar). Morrowyellow came on strong with an electronic sound supporting their fascination with the arts, post punk, new wave and gothic music. The band recorded a great demo ("My Colours") and a number of other songs all included in this anthology. The group disbanded in late 1988, but their great music lives on through this timeless reissue limited to only 400 copies!

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