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Moralens Vaktare – Konsumera! 7" - Ken Rock - Dead Beat Records

Moralens Vaktare – Konsumera! 7"

$ 6.49
Moralens Vaktare – Konsumera! 7"

Moralens Vaktare – Konsumera! 7".  Well their first single has long since sold out, so you better snatch this one fast!  4 songs of rough and ripping garage punk from this Swedish band... this is definitely in the vein of bands like Lost Kids who had a distinctive rock element to their blistering, aggressive punk, and this is also similar to some modern bands like Cola Freaks, though without that band's dark edge. If you're a fan of the old Rip Off Records sound you'll also want to check this out, as you get the same hyperactive burst of catchy garage hooks that you got from bands like the Reds and the Rip Offs. Killer!  7” LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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