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The Monocles- 'S/T' 7" - Cutthroat - Dead Beat Records

The Monocles- 'S/T' 7"

$ 6.00

The Monocles- 'S/T' 7".  The Monocles tap into punk circa 1977 or so. Their songs consist of a single driving layer of frenetic energy, each of the three musicians moving in a single and deliberate direction at the same quick pace. Hey, it worked for the Adverts, right? And it works for the Monocles too, 30 plus years later. Each song effectively conveys the dissatisfied state of the disaffected youth for which punk has long been known.  Don't let the kinda silly lookin cover fool ya.  This is grade A punk that any Buzzcocks, Boys, Menace, Sham 69 fan will dig.  Awesome looking Mitch Clem cover art.  LIMITED TO 300 COPIES AND LONG OUT OF PRINT!!!

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