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Modern Action / Botox Rats- Split 7" - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

Modern Action / Botox Rats- Split 7"

$ 6.49

Modern Action / Botox Rats- Split 7". This is one monster of a split featuring California’s radioactive mutants MODERN ACTION (featuring members of The Briefs, The Bodies and The Shifters) and London’s snotty sleazebags the BOTOX RATS (featuring members of The Gaggers, Disco Lepers and Dagger Dicks).  Both cuts on here are exclusive to this release. The MODERN ACTION song is NOT on the ‘Molotov Solution’ full-length and the BOTOX RATS song is brand new so this is THE ONLY place you can get this killer!!  Oh and of course this is the SUPER LIMITED EDITION ON RED WAX. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!

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