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Miscalculations- A View For Glass Eyes LP ~KILLER! - Rock Star - Dead Beat Records

Miscalculations- A View For Glass Eyes LP ~KILLER!

$ 13.49

Miscalculations- A View For Glass Eyes LP.  London upstarts, Miscalculations featuring members of The Gaggers, Ladykillers, Disco Lepers and Dying Shames and offer another ’77 inspired punk ripper that’s all snarl, spit and swagger. So I really love '77 U.K. punk rock. I also enjoy dark post-punk and some synth pop. And what I like about London's Miscalculations is that they find a way to mix all of the above into one cohesive sound that just really works! Marco and Shaun continue to amaze me with their ability to craft songs reminiscent of both classic bands like Wire and Screamers along with contemporary greats like Masshysteri, Tristess and The Vicious. It's impossible not to be reminded of a certain time when this style of music thrived - say 1977-80. A View For Glass Eyes strikes me as an album that the Buzzcocks might have made under the influence of a Joy Division bender. But don't call it "retro". Miscalculations have brought the new wave fully into the 21st Century - fashioning fresh, vital music inspired by modern urban landscapes and the coldness of current times. Very nice pacakging on this one as well with a superb looking cover layout and two sided printed inner dust sleeve with band photos and lyrics. RECOMMENDED!

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