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MIRRORS- Something That We Would Never Do LP - Violet Times - Dead Beat Records

MIRRORS- Something That We Would Never Do LP

$ 21.00

MIRRORS- Something That We Would Never Do LP.  Cleveland, Ohio, early 1970s: a land of struggling industry, widespread unemployment, racial unrest, failing sports teams and cheap beer. Who said those were different times?  The only things that have changed are the cars on the road and the bands in the bars. Back then there was something special going on in the dive clubs and abandoned lofts littered across the city’s west side, as a small group of free-thinking punks began to emerge from the silted shadows to forge a new style of rock & roll that would reflect not only Cleveland’s post-industrial grittiness.  But also its isolated strangeness. They would believe in the grooves of the Velvet Underground, the words of Bob Dylan, ESP records and little else.   Of all the first-wave post-Velvets groups to surface amongst the detritus of this era—and I’m talking on a national level here—Cleveland’s Mirrors were the ones who took it most to heart. And considering the lack of attention paid to lead songwriter Jamie Klimek, who formed the band in 1972, especially when compared to his lakeside contemporaries Rocket From the Tombs, Electric Eels, etc. (you know the story), Mirrors were easily the most overlooked.

Finally!  The classic Cleveland, OH sounds from the 70's all on one handy full length- 15 trax, including both sides of the Hearthan 7" single, all but one of the "Those Were Different Times" Scat 10" cuts, and others from the "Hands In My Pockets" CD on Overground.  Some might say a "best of" and after listening to this from start to finish, I think you’ll agree.  All trax recorded between '74 and '75.  Officially licensed from the band and remastered for the ears by John Golden.  CLASSIC - Great Stuff!  Featuring members of the ELECTRIC EELS, ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS, STYRENES, PERE UBU, EASTER MONKEYS, etc. THIS WAS LIMITED TO 800 COPIES.  GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!

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