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Mess Folk/Fuck Montreal- Split CS ~LTD TO 100! - Scotch Tapes - Dead Beat Records

Mess Folk/Fuck Montreal- Split CS ~LTD TO 100!

$ 10.99

Mess Folk/Fuck Montreal- Split CS. Recorded in the basement of a place called MURDER HOUSE, this album suits where it was concieved. Both bands lay it down on this tape.  With an immediate slop/savant aesthetic that conjures a drooling, drugged-out and agitated ball of putrescence, Mess Folk keep their blurry message straight to the point and deliver some seriously devastating punk cuts simmering in anxiety, depression and the delusional inner turmoil that sets in after months of cabin fever. The deranged, discombobulated vocals go so perfectly with the frantic razored guitar slashings and choppy songwriting. And Fuck Montreal are no slouches. Their frenetic jagged punk mess dances all over the place. I cannot see this band staying a secret much longer. 2011 will be a huge year for both bands. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES WORLD WIDE!!

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