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MDC / John The Baker – Split 7” - Tank Crimes - Dead Beat Records

MDC / John The Baker – Split 7”

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MDC / John The Baker – Split 7”.  John the Baker is the guy arrested in Woodstock NY 1994 for the lyrical content of his songs. He proved the case against him unconstitutional in court and sued the town of Woodstock and their police dept. for 1 million dollars. The Baker then settled out of court for $20,000, and shut down the bakery, made a record and went on tour. This side of the split 7" with MDC Unplugged tells the story with a detailed description in the liner notes and with the songs. Ladder of Pigs is the song John was arrested for and Cops is the song he wrote after his arrest which tells the story of how the Woodstock police were having sex with underage girls. John the Baker with the assistance of a few town board members got a secret investigation against the Woodstock PD and got half the police force fired for sexual misconduct.  MDC play "Lets Kill All the Cops" and "It Can Happen" in support of the actions that John The Baker took over the police in this situation.  7” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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