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MDC – “Millions Of Dead Cops / More Dead Cops”  CD - Radical - Dead Beat Records

MDC – “Millions Of Dead Cops / More Dead Cops” CD

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MDC – “Millions Of Dead Cops / More Dead Cops”  CD.  If something positive could be said about the Reagan era, it was that it was the reason music like this existed. This is some of the the angriest hardcore ever, and some of the best protest music as well. MDC were pissed off, disgusted, and enraged, and you can really hear it. The classics are all on this disc, the Millions of Dead Cops LP, the Multi-Death Corporations EP, and the Millions of Dead Children EP. 'Death of A Nun' is here, but re-titled 'Peking Order.' It's the same studio recording, but with a different vocal track and lyrics. I preferred Death of A Nun. Once again, this is an absolute must-have for those who are seeking out the cream of the early hardcore scene crop, when "punk" refered to a true movement, not just another genre of watered down music on the radio. This first MDC LP from 1981, is responsible for the cult around the band and the best hardcore songs ever written... 'Born to die', 'John Wayne Was A Nazi', 'Kill The Light' and many more are included on this great disc. If you only own 1 MDC CD it should be this one. If you only want to own 1 hardcore punk cd, this one is arguably the best choice.

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