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MASTICA - 'Uomini' 7" - Crusher - Dead Beat Records

MASTICA - 'Uomini' 7"

$ 6.50

MASTICA - 'Uomini' 7".  Lets take you back about 37 years to the era of the Italian beat psych for a trip! This 5 piece Italian psych band really have come up with two cool dancing tracks. The a-side features some really cool guitar freak outs and a great but short jam. The b-side, Scemo Chi Spara is a killer number with some cool harmonica and organ. The production is raw and this is quite cool stuff. I hope they make a full length record becasue this single is very promising indeed.  If you dig The Blue Van, Baby Woodrose or The Seeds this ones a must have.  Bonus points for the thick ass cardboard sleeve!!

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