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Martin & The Brownshirts- Taxi Driver 7" ~REISSUE! - Breakout Records - Dead Beat Records

Martin & The Brownshirts- Taxi Driver 7" ~REISSUE!

$ 7.49

Martin & The Brownshirts- Taxi Driver 7".  This is a classic work of insane genius. Martin and the Brownshirts were from Chester, UK and really came at the punk thing with a pretty skewered sense of humour. The A-Side of this single is based off the movie Taxi Driver with singer Norman Graveney playing the role of Travis Bickle and repeating over and over again “you talkin’ to me?”. The riff is this great, jittery punk thing and the whole song is just so stupid and brilliant at the same time. It’s what punk rock should be. You just have to appreciate it. A must have rissues of this legendary UK Punk Rock killer that originally came out on the highly collective Lightning Records label in 1978. This official reissue features the rare Belgian version of the picture sleeve.

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