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Margaret Thrasher - Moderate Rock LP ~BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Ptrash - Dead Beat Records

Margaret Thrasher - Moderate Rock LP ~BRUTAL KNIGHTS

$ 12.99

Margaret Thrasher - Moderate Rock LP.   Debut album from this almost all-female quartet from Vancouver, BC. This is compressed teenage angst that has been brewing in an imposed social boiler for far too long and now gushes out in nine abrasive and unpolished hardcore punk blasts that deal with pill-popping ravers ("Fuck that"), being raised and stepping out of line ("Resuscitate") and the drag of waiting at airports ("Airport violence"). All that is spewed out in a whirlwind of "fucks" by singer Juls throaty and over-the-top voice and backed with stomping, fast and simple beats and a scratching, overwinded guitar. Comparisons to a female version of BRUTAL KNIGHTS are definitely not too far off. LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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