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Manic Attracts- 'S/T' 7" - Yakisakana - Dead Beat Records

Manic Attracts- 'S/T' 7"

$ 6.50

Manic Attracts- 'S/T' 7".  Manic Attracts are two Dead Ghosts plus one other dude, and don't tread all that far the sound of their other outfit. "Shut It!" is a lo-fi garage-punk fracas with echoed-out vox and a good hook. Referencing mid-Nineties garage a bit and more uptempo punk than the Dead Ghosts Black Lipsian approach. B-Side ("Teenage Teenage") goes back to the formula though, kinda cribbing a guitar part from a Lips tune, but it has a nice out-of-time feel to it. I like the recording on this one too, nice bass sound. Really great stuff if you’re a fan of early Black Lips.  And let’s face it, the Black Lips won't make records that sound like this anymore, so I guess this is the next best thing.  7” LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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