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The Mans- High 7" ~GORIES!

The Mans- High 7" ~GORIES!

$ 6.49

The Mans- High 7".  Cro-Magnon stone age music from this duo hailing from the wilds of Indiana. The A-Side is a total ear pummeling stomper called "High" and is in essence what happens when a couple of paint huffers get handed an out of tune guitar, a case of Milwaukee's Best and the remains of a long deceased drum kit. These guys hack the living shit out of everything and scream whatever comes to mind in between beer breaks and it sounds perfect. On the B-Side they continue the instrument pummeling whilst trying to keep their instruments in tune and somehow stumble into a riff heavy stomper that just flat put rips. Great single for fans of Pussy Galore, Boss Hog, The Gories and the Action Swingers and definately one of the more inspiring bands I've heard doing this kind of stuff in a while. Fun single with silk screened covers. French import.

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