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Makeouts- Hjärndöd 7" ~200 COPIES PRESSED! - Bachelor - Dead Beat Records

Makeouts- Hjärndöd 7" ~200 COPIES PRESSED!

$ 6.99

Makeouts- Hjärndöd 7".  THE MAKEOUTS started a few years back following more of a RIP OFFS blueprint playing scrappy Garage Punk with short harsh guitar riffs, fast paced songs and snotty vocals. This is their newest single and they’ve matured into a more bouncy Rock N Roll band that reminds me a bit of their fellow Swedish counterparts Moralens Vaktare. The two new tunes here are tight guitar charged rippers that are packed full of that signature MAKEOUTS charm. Fans of the Real Kids, Gizmos and The Pack will dig. ONLY 200 COPIES OF THIS SINGLE WERE PRESSED!


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