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MAINLINERS - 'Dead Man's Hall' 7" - Crusher - Dead Beat Records

MAINLINERS - 'Dead Man's Hall' 7"

$ 6.49

MAINLINERS - 'Dead Man's Hall' 7".  This latest addition to the very healthy Swedish garage scene and is definately right up there with The Strollers or label boss Peter’s band The Roadrunners.  The Mainliners of course, look the part… and they sound nearly as good as they dress. ‘Dead Man’s Hall’ is all upset-white-kid-doing-James-Brown and has a bit of The Creeps about it (but without the subtle operatics of Robert’s voice). The flip captures the band in Stones territory and is a nice blend between the ’64-era and the Beggars/Exile raunch. When will Sweden stop being so darned cool and on the ball when it comes to getting youthful rock and roll music out of the garage?

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