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LUCKY PUNCH- 'Join Our Cruise' CD - Punching Productions - Dead Beat Records

LUCKY PUNCH- 'Join Our Cruise' CD

$ 11.00

LUCKY PUNCH- 'Join Our Cruise' CD.  Munich's Lucky Punch proves that Scandinavia doesn't have a monopoly on nuevo retro guitar rock. Though the Hellacopters seem to be the guiding light to which the band prays, Join Our Cruise gets past the clone tag by boasting sturdy songwriting and a wild-eyed enthusiasm that puts more adrenalin in the tunes than the Hulk has in his bloodstream. Tunes like the perfectly apt opener "Trapped," "Still Howlin" and "Just Down The Street" rock like muthas, waving their riffs and attitude in your face with zero shame. The Lucky Punch won't get many points for originality, but with rock & roll this fine, who the hell cares?  This ones defitately a keeper!!!

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