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Lovesores-  Formaldehyde  7" ~EX HUMPERS! - Hovercraft - Dead Beat Records

Lovesores- Formaldehyde 7" ~EX HUMPERS!

$ 6.99

Lovesores- Formaldehyde 7".  After touring Europe under his own name, ex-HUMPERS/VICE PRINCIPALS Scott “Deluxe” Drake is back with his new band The LOVESORES and this great new 4 song 7”! Musiclly this isn’t to far off from what Scott was doing with the Humpers. There are some strong rock’n'roll roots in the LOVESORES‘ music, and this makes me think about a clash between British ’77 punk and 80s Californian punk. There’s a bit of Biafra in Scott’s vocals, and some BLACK FLAG in the guitar work while the music gives birth to some high-powered HEARTBREAKERS/New York Dolls -esque tunes. Fast and tight from a band that’s got Rock N Roll in their veins. If you have to buy only one 7” this month, then make sure it’s this one! It’s that good.

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