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Lovesores- Bubblegum Riot 10” ~EX HUMPERS!

Lovesores- Bubblegum Riot 10” ~EX HUMPERS!

$ 11.99

Lovesores- Bubblegum Riot 10”.  Over the past several years, any time I’d put on a LP by THE HUMPERS, I’d always think—they don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Well, it turns out they do! SCOTT “DELUXE” DRAKE and JEFF FIELDHOUSE from the Humpers recreate their glory days with these 6 new songs assured to knock you on your ass! They may not be trying to sound like The Humpers, but they can’t help it and we’re all the better for it. Now based in Portland, OR, THE LOVESORES also feature members of the FAST TAKERS and 8 FOOT TENDER. Don’t let the ep title fool you, this is a total Punk Rock assault. 10” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!

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