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V/A- 'Hate/Love' 2xCD - Hellnation - Dead Beat Records

V/A- 'Hate/Love' 2xCD

$ 15.50

V/A- 'Hate/Love' 2xCD.  Well right off the bat, you can tell that alot was put into this documentary type comp.  This DOUBLE CD set is a retrospective of the early to mid 80s Italian hardcore/punk scene.  It's very in depth and includes tunes from the  predominant bands that were making the HC/punk scene flourish in that time period.   So ya get one tune each from 45 bands including Negazione, Contrazione, Infezione, Indigesti , I Deny, Kina, Raw Power, Nabat, Chain Reaction, Stinky Rats, Peggio Punx, Digos Goat, Warfare?, Impact and basically any other band that mattered that played three chord punk/HC nk in Italy at some point in the 80s. The packaging is sweet as the 2x CD set comes encased in a big DVD long box, and includes a HUGE 50 page booklet with lots of cool pictures and stories.

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