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Lot Lizards- Leave Me Alone 7" ~BLACK TIME!

Lot Lizards- Leave Me Alone 7" ~BLACK TIME!

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Lot Lizards- Leave Me Alone (I've Got A Bomb) 7".  Like most bands it all started with a drunken conversation in a rubbish club watching a succession of terrible bands. Lemmy Caution (Black Time) and GG Cicciolina (ex Kill, Kill, Kill) united by a love of not only early punk innovators like the Germs and Crime but also more recent garage goodness like the Oblivians and Cheater Slicks; decided to put together something without ridiculous guitar solos or ludicrous drum breaks.  A real drummer was needed to put it on a stage so the search was on and they found Meg.  The Lot Lizards lasted for only a handful of shows with Lemmy before he started getting busy with his full time band Black Time and he dropped out. The band forged ahead as a two piece and continue to rip out their unique version of punk/garage scuzz. Everyone who sees them can't decide if they are more like the Mummies, Black Flag or Pussy Galore.  Import from New Zealand.

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