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THE LOST DOMAIN- Drunken Sailor 7" - Negative Guest List - Dead Beat Records

THE LOST DOMAIN- Drunken Sailor 7"

$ 6.99

THE LOST DOMAIN- Drunken Sailor 7". As part of his plan for the advancement of music, Brendon from Negative Guest List pushed forth these two missives of freely improvised rock & roll, recorded in Brisbane before he was five years old. The Lost Domain are a core trio of guitarists who followed one another’s leads, here augmented by a trio of drummers, stretched and sprawled and constantly hit their heads on the low ceilings, spinning out rock/folk/blues sounds that really groove. These recordings are from 1999 and definately worthy of wax. The drunken psycho vocal rounds of “Drunken Sailor” drag you into avant-garde settings and the noise and general disenfranchisement of the whole thing will appeal to some of you sickos.

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