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Botox Rats/Dead Ringers- Split 7" - LONGSHOT - Dead Beat Records

Botox Rats/Dead Ringers- Split 7"

$ 5.50

Botox Rats/Dead Ringers- Split 7".  Real head-of-the-class trash here from the Botox Rats.  The single contains two hot-rocking blasts of raucous garage punk. Definately the top of the slop here from these guys.   You should know them already from their killer Ken Rock single.  San Francisco’s frantic garage punks the Dead Ringers definately got the rock in their roll and belt out two winners of their own.  Full color printed thick cardboard covers with professionally manufactured printed dust sleaves, like you used to see on major label LP’s pressed in the 70’s.   Pretty hard to find these days as this bad boys was LIMITED TO ONLY 300 COPIES!!!  

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