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BONECRUSHER- Our Nations Burning 10" - LONGSHOT - Dead Beat Records

BONECRUSHER- Our Nations Burning 10"

$ 11.00

BONECRUSHER- Our Nations Burning 10". OK 'Crusher fans, this ones for you!!  Bonecrusher a no-frills, self-proclaimed "working-class" punk band, were formed in 1992 in Orange County, CA.   Over the years a series of setbacks all conspired against the band-- drugs, members off to jail or other bands, booking problems, practice problems etc.   But over the years the core ethos of the band has remained thanks to long term members George Paras, Noah Lysik and Mike Kanel.  This is the first new release from this seminal California punk band in over 3 years and thankfully their sound hasn’t changed!  Bonecrusher’s always been about fighting the good fight. On first listen, without paying attention to the lyrics, it’d be easy to dismiss them as a bunch of thugs who have a reputation for beating up people who come to their shows and rip out the occasional light fixture from a club’s ceiling.  But if you actually listen to their music, you’ll discover what really makes Bonecrusher a force to be reckoned with.  A good number of their songs are about the nobility of work, the power of unions, and standing on your own two feet all set to a really tough and macho 4 Skins, Blitz, Partisans, Skrewdriver exterior. One of the few modern oi influenced punk bands that “get it”.  Seriously, great stuff from the ‘Crusher here.   THESE COPIES ARE FROM THE FIRST PRESS OF 500 ON SILVER AND BLACK MARBLE WAX WITH DELUXE 10” PACKAGING!!  THE VINYL ON THIS LOOKS SICK!!

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