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Logic Problem- S/T 7” - Sorry State - Dead Beat Records

Logic Problem- S/T 7”

$ 5.49

Logic Problem- S/T 7”. Following up their well-received 2007 demo, the debut EP from North Carolina's Logic Problem is like a split 7" between two sides of the band. The A-side, recorded by Myriam Martian and -/-EPIC WARFARE-/- (Double Negative's Raw Energy EP), is a rough-and-ready DIY job with harsh, clipped vocals and a mean distorted bass tone, perfectly suiting the more atmospheric songs on that side of the record... just imagine Articles of Faith playing through the Jesus and Mary Chain's equipment. The B-side, on the other hand, features two tracks of complex and catchy hardcore with a cleaner, yet still powerful, pro recording. These tracks recall the Stooges' sonic wall of Raw Power fed into frenetic, crushing hardcore. 

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