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Lot Lizards- S/T 10" ~BLACK TIME!

Lot Lizards- S/T 10" ~BLACK TIME!

$ 12.99

Lot Lizards- S/T 10".  Lot Lizards graduate three inches to this ten-inch platter after releasing a couple great singles. Right from the opener, they sound even better than previous outings that I dug. There's some Gun Club in there, some Cramps, some Johnny Spencer (PG and JSBX eras) and a little Jackknife too. "Mums Fight" and "Ruby Boots" are both keepers, where they finally bring to fruition an interesting reinvention of punk and blues via some out-of-tune UK DIY steps which I think they've been going for on the last few records. "Do You Wanna Dance With Me?" really stand out and slams the door on the A-Side and "Dysfunctional Agenda" is rife with dark guitar growl and screamin vox. The most impressive work I've heard from GG and Meg yet and definately right up their with their UK counterparts Black Time. Recommended.  French import.

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