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Live Fast Die- Got Nintendo 7” ~RARE PINK WAX! - Boom Chick - Dead Beat Records

Live Fast Die- Got Nintendo 7” ~RARE PINK WAX!

$ 7.49

Live Fast Die- Got Nintendo 7”. Botched brain surgery rock’n’roll from the scrambled frontal lobes of Live Fast Die. There’s one song each from the three previous calendar years, and the oldest, “Got Nitedo (2005),” stands out like a shining gold medal at the Special Olympics. It’s a half-retarded lament about fucking up one’s arm playing Nintendo, and, being half-retarded, not knowing how to properly pronounce “Nintendo.” All three tunes are from three different recording sessions from three different years giving each cut its own uniquely crappy sound. If you liked the Live Fast Die LP on Dead Beat, this ones a must have. THESE ARE FIRST PRESSING COPIES ON PINK. LONG OUT OF PRINT!

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