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LIL BUNNIES- Bunny Hole 7" - Wrench - Dead Beat Records

LIL BUNNIES- Bunny Hole 7"

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LIL BUNNIES- Bunny Hole 7".  Wow!!! The worst record of all time and it came out OVER 10 YEARS AGO!!!   Absolutely idiotic demented punk from this elusive CA band.  Are they from San Francisco...are they from Sacramento?  Who know??  And it’s pretty amazing that they’ve managed to keep the mistique of the band after all these years.  Rumor has it that Scott Soriano, current owner of SS Records and former owner of Moo La La Records used to be in the band.  Is this true????  Hmm, maybe.  But  good detective can probably unravel the mystery of this notorious band.  And live they were a force to be reckoned with.  This is what one underground publication said about one of their “performances”:

“I Got a chace to catch MRR’s cover boys the LIL BUNNIES a few weeks ago.  And as expected, they completely fu**ck*ed sheiit up!  Right before they took the stage, the crowd was completely electrified with anticipation.  There had been rumors that the LIL BUNNIES planned to open up a Pinata full of fire ants over the crowd.  I had also heard someone else say they had a bunch of stuffed animals covered in shtt to share with the crowd.  So as soon as they hit the stage, things digressed into complete chaos.  The band was bombarded with eggs and baloney.  The singer in an attemp to fight back attacked the crowd with his guitar and mic stand.  He also landed a few swift kicks to some guys head.  After one and a half songs, Gilman shut off the power and told everyone the set was over.  So the LIL BUNNIES immediately exited the building lighting off a stink bomb and throwing a brick of fire crackers into the crowd.  I came out of the building just in time to catch them speeding away in their van, to avoid the iron fist of Gilman security”.  7" WAS LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND IS WAAAAYY OUT OF PRINT!!!  Get it while ya can!

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