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Libertine - Guttersnipe Glamour 7" - Pelado - Dead Beat Records

Libertine - Guttersnipe Glamour 7"

$ 6.49

Libertine - Guttersnipe Glamour 7".  These guys rock, a mix of basic rock 'n' roll, mod, and punk, with a little glam, that's all about traditional balls out energy, running guitar leads, and floor-tom pounding breaks.  When I say "punk," I mean the better, pre-hardcore variety found in the first Generation X album clipped downstrokes and Johnny Thunders-like leads, and the growling just-out of pitch  vocals that recall a young Mike Ness of Social Distortion.  LIBERTINE's modern take on 70's punk meets glam/pop has made them one of the the better glammy punk bands out thier.  RELEASED ON THE LONG DEFUNCT PELADO RECORDS AND WAY OUT OF PRINT!

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