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LEMURIA- 'The First Collection' LP ON GREEN VINYL - Asian Man - Dead Beat Records

LEMURIA- 'The First Collection' LP ON GREEN VINYL

$ 11.00

LEMURIA- 'The First Collection' LP.  This 18-track compilation presents an assortment of power-pop punk tunes by the Buffalo, New York-based trio Lemuria. Proudly adhering to the Lemonheads/Juliana Hatfield school of melodic indie rock, the group boasts appealing male/female vocals--courtesy of drummer Alex Kerns and guitarist Sheen Ozzella, respectively--as best heard on the dynamic "Keep Quiet" and the restless "Bee Spit."  This collecrtion contains almost everything they've recorded so far. Their songs from the splits with Kind Of Like Spitting and Fame, the S/T ep, their 7" from the Art Of The Underground singles series and 2 songs from the New York vs New Jersey comp.  Your copy will be on the LIMITED EDTION GREEN WAX!!

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