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Lemuria- Pebble LP  ~RARE WHITE WAX!! - Bridge 9 - Dead Beat Records

Lemuria- Pebble LP ~RARE WHITE WAX!!

$ 14.49

Lemuria- Pebble LP . With some of the sweetest sounding girl/boy dueling vocals heard in indie rock in years, Buffalo, NY's Lemuria is poised to be one of 2011's breakout artists. Formed in the summer of 2004, the band has released a myriad of splits and 7"s and one full-length titled Get Better. Pebble is chock full of catchy choruses, intricate guitar work and sugary vocals. The pristine recording was done at the Magpie Cage with producer J Robbins from Jawbox and that should give you a bit of an idea of where they’re coming from. Fans of Jawbreaker, J Church and Superchunk will dig this. WE GOT SOME COPIES OF THE RAREST WHITE WAX WHICH WAX EXCLUSIVE TO THE BAND! 

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