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Last Years Men- Clawless Paw 7" ~TY SEGALL! - Sophmore Lounge - Dead Beat Records

Last Years Men- Clawless Paw 7" ~TY SEGALL!

$ 5.49

Last Years Men- Clawless Paw 7".  I like this instantly! Here’s a 7” from Last Year’s Men with huge drums and handclaps and saturated, fuzzy, overdriven guitars over yelping tuneful vocals which bring to mind Ty Segall’s most wild-eyed and anthemic moments, in particular that blazing Ty Segall Band album ‘Slaughterhouse’. It’s got a big, dirty kind of wall-of-sound feel to it and both of the songs are perfectly formed little pop nuggets with a touch of grimy dirgeyness like that promising Southsea bunch Wobbly Lamps have shown on their first couple of sevens. Fans of Segall, Mikal Cronin, Spider Bags, Nuggets and Pebbles comps, stuff on Trouble In Mind, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, early The Intelligence and all that good garage pop stuff are bound to love this. Recommended.

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