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Lady Banana/ Skeptics- Split 7" - Frantic City - Dead Beat Records

Lady Banana/ Skeptics- Split 7"

$ 6.49

Lady Banana/ Skeptics- Split 7".  We'll start with the lady. Lady Banana are Sweden's trashiest duo ever and feature ex members of Tundra Fucks. Fuck ya! These Swedish fuzz buckets drop it with the harshness. 'Aces Boogie', their first track is an quaint appetizer for their drum pummeling rendition of the Velvet's 'Run, Run, Run' that’ll slap your gaped jaw shut. On the flip, we go west to the French garage masters, The Skeptics. They lay the fuzz down thick for this blistering opener and close with an expertly Punked out cover of Willie Dixon's 'Hidden Charms' à la Link Motherfuckin Wray. This is a great split and delivers 4 hellacious and foreboding Rockers that’ll make you wonder why the kids back in the States even bother. Put this on and shut it.

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