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La Flingue/Morbo- Split 7” ~RARE CLEAR WAX!

La Flingue/Morbo- Split 7” ~RARE CLEAR WAX!

$ 6.49
La Flingue/Morbo- Split 7”.  I’ve really dug the steady stream of La Flingue releases that they’ve put out since the demise of a few of the bands members last band the Irritones. And the two new ones here pick up nicely where their last LP left off. La Flingue play tightly wound punk rock that seamlessly blends the past with the present. I hear bands like La Peste, PF Commando and Hubble Bubble in their sound. Poppy punk with attitude and tempos that are fast and tense with mid tempo breaks that simmer to near boiling. On the flip are a great pairing for La Flingue. Morbo hail from Peru and belt out two classic sounding punk tunes in the vein of Pekinška Patka, the Shit Dogs and Unnatural Axe with trebley biting guitars and a pretty deranged sounding singer. Import from France.

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