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KORO- Speed Kills LP - Sorry State - Dead Beat Records

KORO- Speed Kills LP

$ 11.49

KORO- Speed Kills LP.  Here it is...THE KORO LP!!  If you've heard their classic 700 Club EP then you know what to expect: one of the fastest, tightest and most vicious bands ever playing some of the best-written hardcore songs of all time. This LP contains 11 songs and while some of them are re-recorded versions of songs from the EP, the new ones find the band bringing even more complexity to their songwriting, even breaking the one-minute barrier on a few tracks. This LP is also exquisitely packaged with lyrics to all the tracks and a lengthy interview with Koro guitarist Carl Snow. You've been waiting 20 years for this and it's finally here, so what are you waiting for? LP includes a 2 sided poster insert that inlcudes lyrics to each song on the LP and a lengthy interview with Carl Snow where they get into the making of the now seminal 700 club EP!!  THIS IS A US HARDCORE MUST FOR FANS OF STUFF LIKE THE FIX, GENETIC CONTROL, NECROS, SEPTIC DEATH, INFEST, SOA, NEGATIVE APPROACH, FRANTIX, GOVERNMENT WARNING, DIRECT CONTROL, DIE KREUZEN, URBAN WASTE, NO COMMENT, SIEGE ETC!

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