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KORO- 700 Club 7” - Sorry State - Dead Beat Records

KORO- 700 Club 7”

$ 6.49

KORO- 700 Club 7”.  Koro's 700 Club may well be the single best hardcore EP of all time; if you ask me only Negative Approach's self-titled EP and Minor Threat's first two 7"s come close. More than likely you've heard the bootlegs, but if you've haven't, imagine the tightest, meanest and fastest band on the planet bashing out eight lightning-quick, sub-60-second rippers. Band comparisons don't do this record justice, so I won't list any. This reissue features a brand new mastering job from the original source tapes (the record may well sound better than the original) and artwork meticulously recreated from the original release, making it far superior to any of the bootlegs that have floated around.  ESSENTAL!!

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