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KOROVA- 'If There Is A Future'  7" - Victimized - Dead Beat Records

KOROVA- 'If There Is A Future' 7"

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KOROVA- 'If There Is A Future'  7".  Korova was a hardcore punk band from Birmingham, Alabama, formed in 2001 from members of Seven Come Eleven, Anxed, and the Gimps.  Mostly known for their image and strong stances against racism and commercial corruption in punk rock, they disbanded in 2006. Their recorded output was limited to two locally influential EPs, "Ultra Violence" and "...It's Already Begun" (on their own Victimized Records), and several releases on compilations. Both EPs were limited to several hundred copies and are long out of print.  Their second EP contained the tracks "Let's Kill Some Kl*nsmen Tonight", which received heavy radio play on local indie shows, as well as "Naz*s Ruined Shaved Heads", which received national attention when it appeared on two underground compilation albums. A third recording session produced several songs that never saw official release, and yet a fourth recording session for what was to become their first full-length, and the only tracks not self-recorded by the band, was canned for being "over produced".

Well here is the final offering from Korova!!  A 7" vinyl record of remastered material that was released a year after the bands last show in Birmingham, Alabama. The songs were remastered by Carl Snow of the early Tennnesee hardcore band KORO and represent the band perfectly.   Fast, hard, raw and mean.  Something that Carl Snow very much understands!!  This 7” was LIMITED TO A MERE 400 COPIES on RED BLACK AND WHITE SPLAT WAX!!  Get it while ya can.

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