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Killer Dreamer- S/T LP ~HAND SCREENED COVERS 500 - Small Pool - Dead Beat Records

Killer Dreamer- S/T LP ~HAND SCREENED COVERS 500

$ 11.49
Killer Dreamer- S/T LP. Non-stop, killer, weird punk from Killer Dreamer!! These guys have been slugging it out for years in the DIY scene leaving a vibrant, raging catalog of songs in their wake. It’s spastic, fun, catchy, puke-where-you-stand stuff that goes by too quickly. If you’re a sucker for zombies in rock songs, can’t get enough of hearing songs about body parts falling off, rot, decay, and misanthropic (yet endearing) attitudes, this’ll peel you off the couch. Curved boner, wide-smile, degenerate punk rules the roost on this one. THIS IS LMITED TO ONLY 500 COPIES. EACH COVER HAS A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT DESIGN WITH THE ZOMBIE BEING THE ONLY UNIFORM IMAGE ON ALL OF THEM. SO YOURS WILL LOOK A BIT DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE IN THE PIC!  
Killer Dreamer- S/T L

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