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Ketamines- So Hot 7" - Hosehead - Dead Beat Records

Ketamines- So Hot 7"

$ 6.49

Ketamines- So Hot 7". The Ketamones latest "So Hot!" on Hosehead Records is a new step in the bands evolution.  The caveman not only got upright, but found an astronaut helmet and a double neck twelve string flying V and started shreddin. Even if you haven’t listened to any of the other three singles from the purveyors of psych-laced garage pop, this is a great place to start. The A-side, “So Hot!”, should fit in well with your Oh Sees records as the werewolf-like background vocals intertwine themselves with an already spooky feeling track. The two songs on the B-side take a bit more straightforward approach and show some straight up gritty Garage pop songs with some sharp guitars, and very catchy vocals. The diversity that Ketamines show in only three tracks is why they’re one of the best bands going right now.


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