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JJ & The Real Jerks- High Anxiety Society 7” ~ RARE 300 MADE! - Kung Pao - Dead Beat Records - 1

JJ & The Real Jerks- High Anxiety Society 7” ~ RARE 300 MADE!

$ 7.49

JJ & The Real Jerks- High Anxiety Society 7”.  New band with Greg Kuehn from the Joneses, one of Southern Californias best unsung Rock N Roll heroes. And like the Joneses, these guys just ooze sleazy NYC Rock N Roll chic. From these grooves and even without seeing the band live, you just know they’ll also be clad in leather jackets and black jeans with their effects pedals set to "Space Ace". It really is impossible to pick a standout track here, as every track is simply fricking awesome. The pick of the litter is 'High Anxiety Society', a song that when you hear it you’ll immediately want the band playing near you as soon as possible. It’s a riotous celebration of what we all love in a great rock 'n' roll band. Next up you get ‘Short Term Memory Lane', and great song title aside, it’s just a great hooky Stooges romp. Check this thing out if you’re into stuff like the Joneses, Humpers, Heartbreakers or Dolls. UBER LIMITED PRESSING OF 300 COPIES SELF RELEASED BY THE BAND ON SUPER AWESOME CLEAR WAX. GET EM WHILE YOU CAN!


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