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Jewws- S/T LP - Demolition Derby - Dead Beat Records

Jewws- S/T LP

$ 10.99

Jewws- S/T LP.  Finally I have it.  I was really excited about it 'cos I loved that 7" and this LP is killer. The Jewws are starting to be my fave new band. I like everything about this band.  First and most importantly they write great catchy songs.  On top of they they have great vocals and a nice raw and trashy sound and all sung with heart and energy.  Every song on the LP totoally rips.  One of Texas's most talked about garage-rock bands gives us 14 more reasons to gawk and gossip.  THE JEWWS take on mid-90's primitive garage punk makes it sound fresh and new again. Fans of the Rip Offs, Teengenerate, Registrators and Radio Reelers need.  Belgian Import.

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