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Jet Boys- I'm Alone 7" ~RARE CLEAR WAX! - Get Hip - Dead Beat Records

Jet Boys- I'm Alone 7" ~RARE CLEAR WAX!

$ 5.49

Jet Boys- I'm Alone 7".  Buckle your seatbelts, the Jet Boys are the long-standing dukes of Japanese pervo punk and never fail to impress with their revved up junkie rock and over-the-top graphic identity...a Japanese rip-roarin punk combo with cool Johnny Thunders guitar licks and full-speed-ahead attitude. The Jet Boys mean business with this four song EP. With the longest song clocking in at 2:13, these songs follow the punk rock credo of saying what you need to as loudly as possible and then getting the fuckout out. This stuff blisters! THESE ARE ON THE LIMITED CLEAR WAX!

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