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JERK ALERT- Dirty Slurs LP - Eradicator - Dead Beat Records

JERK ALERT- Dirty Slurs LP

$ 10.00

JERK ALERT- Dirty Slurs LP.  I was honestly almost wetting my pants with anticipation to get this record…this is fantastic, raw punk from
Bloomington with a slight, wild garage edge of Loli and The Chones mixed with some straight forward hard driving punk rock.  Maybe a slight resemblance to The Deadly Weapons too…but the emphasis here is very much on punk.  I was blown away by their first single before I got the LP, and man this is seriously in the running for album of the year! Seriously, I honestly don’t think anything is gonna top this for me.  What is it about Bloomington and this amazing breed of original, raw punk rock? Jerk Alert have that wonderful rabid edge of Bloomington greats The Gizmos and The Panics…that’s the sound I’d kill for…and these guys are definately right in the running. I knew this would rule...but Jesus Christ. This record has it all for me…in spades.  It’s fun, vicious, imaginative and raw.   Think party fun.  Think touring with Teengenerate.  Think Goner Stickers.  Think small town punk.  Think they would be good on a bill with the Okmoniks.  Think you need to hear this.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND COMES WITH A SNAZZY INSERT!!

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